I first fell in love with web design back in the 90's when the only way to get online was via a screeching sound of a 56k modem. This was a new world to me, well a new world to most people. The ability to find information online via a click of a button. But it was the ability to design something from my desk, spend hours working on it and once finished I could share it with the world and anyone could have access to it, this is what made me fall in love with web design.

The design aspect of web sites wasn't enough, so I went to college to learn how to program websites and quickly realised this was my passion. From here I built top of my knowledge for a decade until I got to the point where I could quit my job and start my own business.
My ethos is simple. I want you to walk away happy with your website, but not only that, I want your users to be happy with your new website.

Many people fall in to the trap of buying a pre build site that looks good for them, who are sat at a desk on a monitor of a certain size. Well not all of your users may share your exact screen size. You need to factor in different size monitors, tablets and smart phones. Sizes change so fast you can even surf on a wrist watch.

So my mission is to not only make sure your site looks good, but make sure it looks good on all devices that your users may own.
Technology is a great thing, it's made it easier for you to sell your products or services, and made it simple to connect with your target audience. The only problem is technology moves fast and changes all the time.

This means not only does the technology behind the websites change, but so could your business needs.

This is one thing I understand and offer support to my clients even after my work is done. Do you need to change things around? Make a new sister company or just want a fresh new look? I'm more than happy to support and guide any ideas you have.

If you would like to request any information, or to just get a quote please fill in the form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours.